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# Επεισόδια Σύνολο Υπότιτλοι
1x11 Time of Parting, Our Tomorrow 1 en  
1x10 The Last Biggest Match 1 en  
1x09 The Death of A Man Who Understood The Rain 1 en  
1x08 The Flame That Cannot Be Erased 1 en  
1x07 Life-Threatening Special Time Sale 1 en  
1x06 Anticipated Inpatient 1 en  
1x05 Unseen Scoop Photograph 1 en  
1x04 My Best Friend on the Autopsy Table 1 en  
1x03 The Cause of Mother's Death Fifteen Years Ago 1 en  
1x02 Man Carrying Eggs Electrocuted 1 en  
1x01 Medicine to Save Lost Lives 2 en br 
All episodes 2 en br