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Darkwing Duck

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# Επεισόδια Σύνολο Υπότιτλοι
1x65 Bad Luck Duck 0   
1x64 Kung Fooled 0   
1x63 Dirtysomething 0   
1x62 Jail Bird 0   
1x61 The Quiverwing Quack 0   
1x60 A Star Is Scorned 0   
1x59 U.F. Foe 0   
1x58 Whirled History 0   
1x57 Slime OK, You're OK 0   
1x56 The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain 0   
1x55 Inside Binkie's Brain 0   
1x54 The Darkwing Squad 0   
1x53 Stressed to Kill 0   
1x52 Time and Punishment 0   
1x51 Quack of Ages 0   
1x50 In Like Blunt 0   
1x49 Let's Get Respectable 0   
1x48 A Duck by Any Other Name 0   
1x47 Dead Duck 0   
1x46 My Valentine Ghoul 0   
1x45 The Incredible Bulk 0   
1x44 Twin Beaks 0   
1x43 Dances with Bigfoot 0   
1x42 Twitching Channels 0   
1x41 It's a Wonderful Leaf 0   
1x40 Darkwing Doubloon 0   
1x39 Planet of the Capes 0   
1x38 Disguise the Limit 0   
1x37 Heavy Mental 0   
1x36 Dry Hard 0   
1x35 Life, the Negaverse, and Everything 0   
1x34 Up, Up, and Awry 0   
1x33 The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck 0   
1x32 Toys Czar Us 0   
1x31 Adopt-a-Con 0   
1x30 Ghoul of My Dreams 0   
1x29 Whiffle While You Work 0   
1x28 All's Fahrenheit in Love and War 0   
1x27 Smarter Than a Speeding Bullet 0   
1x26 Cleanliness Is Next to Badliness 0   
1x25 Jurassic Jumble 0   
1x24 When Aliens Collide 0   
1x23 Aduckyphobia 0   
1x22 Double Darkwings 0   
1x21 Just Us Justice Ducks (2) 0   
1x20 Just Us Justice Ducks (1) 0   
1x19 Days of Blunder 0   
1x18 You Sweat Your Life 1  gr 
1x17 Bearskin Thug 1  gr 
1x16 Can't Bayou Love 1  gr 
1x15 Hush, Hush Sweet Charlatan 1  gr 
1x14 Trading Faces 1  gr 
1x13 A Revolution in Home Appliances 1  gr 
1x12 Easy Come, Easy Grows 1  gr 
1x11 Paraducks 1  gr 
1x10 Water Way to Go 1  gr 
1x09 Comic Book Capers 1  gr 
1x08 Duck Blind 1  gr 
1x07 Dirty Money 1  gr 
1x06 Apes of Wrath 1  gr 
1x05 Night of the Living Spud 1  gr 
1x04 Getting Antsy 1  gr 
1x03 Beauty and the Beet 1  gr 
1x02 Darkly Dawns the Duck (2) 2 en gr 
1x01 Darkly Dawns the Duck (1) 2 en gr 
All episodes 2 en gr