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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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# Επεισόδια Σύνολο Υπότιτλοι
3x13 Nathaniel is Irrelevant 1 en 
3x12 Trent?! 1 en 
3x11 Nathaniel and I Are Just Friends! 0  
3x10 Oh Nathaniel, It's On! 1 en 
3x09 Nathaniel Gets the Message! 1 en 
3x08 Nathaniel Needs My Help! 1 en 
3x07 Getting Over Jeff 1 en 
3x06 Josh Is Irrelevant 1 en 
3x05 I Never Want to See Josh Again 1 en 
3x04 Josh's Ex-Girlfriend is Crazy 1 en 
3x03 Josh Is a Liar 1 en 
3x02 To Josh, With Love 1 en 
3x01 Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Wants Revenge 1 en 
All episodes 0