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Κατέβασμα The Simpsons season 29 Υπότιτλοι

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Όνομα αρχείου Όνομα αρχείου:The_Simpsons - season 29.en.zip
Σύνολο υποτίτλων Σύνολο υποτίτλων:21
Λίστα υποτίτλων Λίστα υποτίτλων: The Simpsons - 29x01 - The Serfsons.HDTV.SVA.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x02 - Springfield Splendor.HDTV.KILLERS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x03 - Whistler's Father.HDTV.KILLERS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x04 - Treehouse of Horror XXVIII.HDTV.KILLERS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x05 - Grampy Can Ya Hear Me.HDTV.SVA.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x06 - The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used to Be.HDTV.KILLERS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x07 - Singin' in the Lane.HDTV.KILLERS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x08 - Mr. Lisa's Opus.HDTV.KILLERS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x09 - Gone Boy.HDTV.KILLERS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x10 - Haw-Haw Land.HDTV.KILLERS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x11 - Frink Gets Testy.HDTV.KILLERS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x12 - Homer Is Where the Art Isn't.HDTV.KILLERS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x13 - 3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage.HDTV.KILLERS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x14 - Fears of a Clown.HDTV.KILLERS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x15 - No Good Read Goes Unpunished.HDTV.KILLERS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x16 - King Leer.HDTV.KILLERS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x17 - Lisa Gets the Blues.HDTV.KILLERS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x18 - Forgive and Regret.HDTV.SVA.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x19 - Left Behind.HDTV.SVA.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x20 - Throw Grampa from the Dane.HDTV.SVA.en.srt
The Simpsons - 29x21 - Flanders' Ladder.HDTV.KILLERS.en.srt
Μέγεθος Μέγεθος:244.58 kb
Κατέβηκαν Φορές που κατέβηκε:  1815

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